Teapot - 2015

Q. How long does it take you to make something like that? (Referring to my most detailed large teapots).

A. My whole life. Well to get specific it can take 2-6 weeks depending on how many pieces I am making at once.


Q. Can we come to your home studio and look at your work?

A. The Kamloops Art Gallery¬†regularly consigns my pottery in Kamloops. Please visit their shop to peruse my current work. My home studio isn’t open to collectors.


Q. Do you sell wholesale?

A. Sometimes I can fill an wholesale order, usually outside of the summer and fall season. I recommend putting in an order for a teapot and assorted mugs to start. Please contact me to inquire about wholesale.


Q. Do you teach classes?

A. During the slower season of December to March its possible to have a student or two. During the busy spring, summer and fall my studio is too cramped to have proper teaching space nor able to store student works in progress. Please contact me outside of the busy season to inquire about classes.


Q. Can I order a matching set? i.e.; A tea set, a bowl set, a cup set.

A. Currently we are not accepting custom orders. Orders will resume after November. Please sign up for our newsletter to be one of the first to know when we are available for custom pieces.


Q. Can I order a custom set but in other colours not shown on your work?

A. No. Creating a new glaze for one order is too time consuming and isn’t worth it. I need to research the glaze, mix up multiple testers and do multiple firings to really get a good notion of what the glaze will look like and how it behaves in the kiln.


Q. Can I order a custom piece that you don’t normally make?

A. No. Sorry, but I have worked very hard to create the group of work you see before you and I wouldn’t be very good at another style or technique that I haven’t had time to practice on for years.